Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pressing Forward

So strange to see that mistakes are not ultimate failures. But by all obviousness, to not indulge in going through the paths that make mistakes an inevitability.

Much like a household rat eating the cheese on the mouse trap, or the roaches that are lured into a trap by sweet smelling foods, temptation seems to be that bait for the snare that is set beneath it. Underlying any temptation seems to be something that intially seems good, but overall is poison.

Having tasted the poison yet again, I am in desperate need of resuscitation. I know what's good for me, but why do I compromise my standards? Why do I place comfort, security and judgment into my own hands?

Skewed visions of what reality is. My will is weak, my desires are strong. Only if the desires would be molded after something of worth. My desires are molded after the path widely traveled. The destination is the cliff... the place where lemmings drop like flies--I can't die like this. I can't live like this either. There is something that goes beyond how things appear.

So many fronts and facades to put up that reality is shattered....

Oh, Lord, I am weak... I have failed once again.... Once again, I ask you to save me. I give my self, my everything into Your hands. It isn't much, but please show me daily that You are enough.


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